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Insurance Repairs & Restoration


In 2022 Ambrose Building and Construct Services successfully merged to create Australia’s second largest national insurance builder and restoration supplier, Ambrose Construct Group (ACG).


With 30 metropolitan and regional locations, across all states and territories, ACG has a diversified client base including underwriting agencies, insurance brokers, loss adjusters, commercial enterprises and all major Australian general insurers.


 ACG specialises in 24/7 emergency make safes for insurers and brokers, all facets of BAU and Catastrophic Weather Events, Escape of Liquids repair and restoration, and commercial repairs and restoration including strata, heritage and major and complex claims.


Ambrose Construct Group is a specialist in residential insurance repairs, providing industry leading outcomes nationally. 


• Make Safes 

• Assessments 

• Insurance Repairs 

• Residential Strata

• CAT Event response 


Construct Services is our national commercial repair service, with state-based teams specialising in:


• Commercial Strata
• Heritage
• Commercial Property
• Major & Complex claims 


Our restoration teams collaborate seamlessly to provide the best outcomes, working together to minimise delays and touch points.


• Site Containment
• Structural Drying
• Contents Restoration
• Fire / Mould Remediation

We have spent the greater part of the last few decades heavily investing in our people, our processes and technology to support our clients and their customers. 

With over 100 years of collective insurance experience, our group of companies and dedicated staff are 100% focused on customer outcomes, claim life, repair cost and quality. 

ACG Residential

Ambrose Construct Group have responded to every type of peril in the general insurance industry relating to building and contents repair and restoration.  With a combined staff exceeding 550, servicing all metropolitan, regional and rural locations. 

We are local. With 30 locations nationally, our Building Supervisors live and work in the towns and communities they serve. We live in these local communities and by engaging 3228 subcontractors nationally, we ensure revenue stays in the community where the insurable event occurred.  


The Make Safe often sets the tone for the entire repair, as this is the customer’s first interaction with the insurer and ACG as the builder. 


At Ambrose Construct we provide 24/7 coverage for make safes received during business and after hours. All Make Safes are coordinated by Building Supervisors / Coordinators who triage the claim, assess the risks, and coordinate appropriate trades while liaising with the insured.


  • Make safes are actioned 24/7 – 365 days of the year.  
  • Customisation of triage forms ensures delivery of insurer requirements. 
  • Agile and dynamic IT development allows for the updating and including of extras like that required for COVID-19. 
  • We specialise in mitigating mould, collaborating with restorers and experts to prevent damage and ‘Make Safe’. 


We know Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) are meticulously crafted to ensure policyholders have a comprehensive understanding of what is covered and, equally as important, what is not covered by their insurance policy.


We undertake detailed training to ensure our staff understand where to find key policy terms, conditions, and exclusions, and what is required in our reporting to enable insurers to make informed decisions about the coverage of a claimed event.


  • A local ACG estimator is booked to capture all the relevant information.
  • ACG Staff are trained to not discuss the approval of a claim directly with the insured customer.
  • Evidence of causation and resultant damage including images, mud maps and videos are captured.
  • The Virtual Assessment Process has saved countless hours. ACG facilitated 1168 remote assessments in 2023.

Insurance Repairs

As an insurance builder we under the importance of looking after people, not just claims. Customer centricity is one of our five strategic pillars, and we place our insurance clients and your customers at the center of everything we do. 


With over 100 years of collective insurance experience, our group of companies and dedicated staff are 100% focused on customer outcomes, claim life, repair cost and quality.


We understand the critical role we play in delivering certainty for CHU, the broking community and insured customers. 


  • The Supervisor will provide the insured customer with a detailed repair schedule and a briefing on what to expect. 
  • Throughout the repair the insured customer will have regular contact with the ACG Supervisor and our Claims Services team. 
  • The customer is also provided a login to our Customer Portal, RepairHub, allowing them to view all aspects of their claim including documentation, safety induction and approved scopes of work. 

CAT Event Response

It goes without saying that Australia has experienced an extensive period of catastrophic weather events over the past decade. Each year tending toward more frequent and severe events.


Where smaller or state specific builders find it difficult to provide the scale, response time and consistency of service, ACG has the coverage and existing relationships with local trades allows us to respond nationally without compromising our BAU and EOL portfolios.


CAT233  |  XMAS & NYE STORMS – DEC 23 
CAT221  |  NSW & SEQ FLOODS – FEB 22  

For more information please browse our capability statement or visit our website: 

ACG Commercial

Construct Services was established 1989 in Perth WA and remains a proudly Australian owned business. From the beginning, our focus has been providing high quality repair services to the Australian Insurance Industry.  


Our journey has taken Construct Services from all general insurance repairs, to specialising in resolving commercial, heritage, strata & major and complex claims. We provide an end-to-end repair and restoration services in response to catastrophic events or individual claims.  


Over 34 years, we’ve been trusted by insurers, underwriting agencies, insurance brokers, loss adjusters and claims management businesses to help more than 400,000 customers with their repair claims. Behind each of those claims is a residential, commercial or strata property owner relying on our service to get back on track. 

Strata Repairs

We recognise the unique challenges typically associated with the management of residential and commercial strata property claims, and we have many years of experience in successfully delivering great outcomes in this segment. 


Whether it’s a small group of townhouses, a multi-storey complex or an industrial estate, we respond rapidly to ensure the best claim outcomes right from the start.


Throughout the repair we take the initiative to liaise with insurers, owners and all key stakeholders.


  • 24/7 Emergency make-safe
  • Structural impact response
  • Bio-hazard & asbestos removal
  • Contents restoration
  • Site containment

Case Study - Cootamundra Flood

START DATE: April 2023
LOCATION: Cootamundra, NSW

For more information please browse our capability statement or visit our website: 

ACG Restoration

We have a clear philosophy regarding the repair/restoration alignment. We do not prefer either restoration or repair. What we prefer is to utilise the best approach for an individual claim.


Therefore, on one claim, if it is the best approach from a cost, life, quality and customer perspective that we strip out wall linings rather than restore them, we will do that. If it makes more sense to restore timber floors rather than strip them out, we will do that.  


As a fully integrated team, our goal is to always achieve the right outcome for a particular repair, rather than employ a “one size fits all” approach. 


Having a network of over 100 experienced restorers located throughout Australia we will ensure our customers are attended to quickly and efficiently to minimise the risk of further damage and to commence risk mitigation/prevention. 


Our proven track record is based on: 

  • A communication path that ensures a rapid response time with a designated point of contact through the process. 
  • Expert restoration teams and certified specialists with clearly defined KPIs 
  • Immediate access to a comprehensive inventory of drying and cleaning equipment and products. 
  • Cutting-edge facility in Melbourne & Brisbane, equipped to clean, restore, and securely store contents during the restoration process. 
  • Adherence to quality assurance standards at every stage of the project. 
  • Continuous commitment to research and training initiatives. 


The Xtreme Clean model offers a unique combination of industry experience, industry-leading technology, and seamless integration with ACG.


• Water & Storm Restoration

• Fire & Smoke Restoration

• Mould remediation

• Meth decontamination


The Marshall team are experienced with commercial and industrial equipment restoration while also providing residential restoration services.


• Electronic Restoration
• Machinery Decontamination
• Bio-Hazard Decontamination
• Hazardous Waste Management


FEN is the largest network of Restoration professionals Nationally. With 1080 qualified technicians in 135 locations ready to respond as your team.


• Emergency Callout
• Mitigation & Restoration
• Carpet & Flooring Specialists
• Structural & Content